Easy to use

Since everything is done online there is no need for you to download anything, risking your phone or pc security.

Cross platform

Works on all platforms: IOS, Android and PC. Chose your platform enter your username and add up to 1 million monkey money with just a few clicks.

Modern Design

There has been a complete redesign after the last version stop working due to security update done by Ninja Kiwi

Clean Code

Complete redesign of logic, security and functionality was done upon finding this new exploit / glitch. Do not use old hack since they might get you banned after latest update.

Ready to Ship

Just a few clicks away from getting unlimited bloons TD 6 money. In case you don't have the game we also have a free btd 6 apk without mods or jailbreak required.

Download for Free

All this is done by gamers for other gamers so it is all free. You will get a human verification / survey asking you to prove you are not a robot. You can just downlaod some free apps in order to unlock it, this keeps the bot running since we have to pay for hosting, domains and of course it helps supporting the developers for their effort.

Proof of concept

In this video I am going to show you a bloons TD 6 money injection. You guys can see here I only have a 150$ but we're gonna go ahead and change that and get a 150k loaded into our account. Just for reference 150000 cost about 55$ and we're getting 150k completely for free. After you have completed all sets restart the app fully, how you do that is you want to go ahead and kill the apps process and then reopen it which is effectively how you restart an app pertaining to those instructions. Anyways I'm gonna go ahead and now open it up after I've killed it and it will now have successfully been rebooted so at this point I have successfully completed all of the steps and once you've successfully completed all the steps in this injection process all you have to do from here is just be patient. Typically after you follow up the entire process you will get the the money injection within about 30 ish seconds. You can just look at the top right hand corner of the screen where it shows the resources and eventually you guys will see the 150K getting loaded right into my account. I said that process only takes up to about 30 seconds after you've completed every step, so all you have to do here is wait, keep looking where it shows 150 bucks and now that value is changing because a hundred and fifty thousand is getting loaded right into my resource counter.

Anyways that's pretty much it for this tutorial, I've completed everything and shown you guys how it works, how the injection works. Solve all the instructions and then enjoy your monkey money. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching or reading and have a good one.

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